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What is ResearchMatch?

ResearchMatch is a nonprofit program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It helps to connect people interested in research studies with researchers from top medical centers across the U.S.

Get connected to research on many different health conditions - through ResearchMatch.

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How does ResearchMatch work?

Our ResearchMatch Network

ResearchMatch is a free and secure tool that researchers use to invite Volunteers to take part in their health research studies. See our network of 228 research institutions.

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ResearchMatch is making an impact. Here’s what people are saying.

Our Volunteers

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ResearchMatch has connected me with a variety of different studies however my favorite one was a study done on the correlation between rhythm and music, and one’s genetics. The trial consisted of me taking an online test which tested my sense of rhythm and musical recall. Then, I got to send a DNA sample so they could correlate my results with my genetics. It was a very interesting study, and they even let me know where I fell musically and rhythmically compared to the rest of the country. It felt good to help out with someone’s research, even if there is no compensation the reward of helping someone else come closer to their research goals is enough!
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Ashlin Gibson
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We need proven treatments for ourselves, and our families and not only rely on research conducted on other demographic groups, however, this can only happen if we ourselves are volunteers in clinical research.
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Libia Duran
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I joined ResearchMatch as a volunteer because I believe that I need to contribute in the progress of medical knowledge which can help me, my family, my neighbor, and my community today and in the future.
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Martha Silva

Our Collaborators

ResearchMatch proudly collaborates with 228 participating institutions and 71 community organizations to bring important research studies, health information, and resources to you.

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