Researchers Frequently Asked Questions

Researcher Overview

What is ResearchMatch?
What is the overall objective of
How did ResearchMatch start?
How is ResearchMatch funded?
What does it cost to use ResearchMatch?

Types of Access

What researchers can use ResearchMatch?
How do I join if my institution is not listed?
Do I need to have an IRB approved study to join ResearchMatch?
How do I add my study to ResearchMatch?
Does my access to ResearchMatch ever expire?

Using ResearchMatch

Does the Principal Investigator (PI) of a study need to register in order to recruit on ResearchMatch?
Can I recruit for more than one study through ResearchMatch?
Can multi-site studies use ResearchMatch?
Once I have registered my study, is it posted anywhere for ResearchMatch volunteers to read about?
I sent a message via ResearchMatch and received an email with my message in it. Why don’t the links work in the email I received?

Contacting Volunteers

What methods does ResearchMatch offer to help me identify people to contact?
How do I get “matched” with Volunteers?
Who are the ResearchMatch Volunteers?
What is included in my contact message?
How many Volunteers may I contact?

Citing ResearchMatch

How do I Cite ResearchMatch?

Promoting ResearchMatch

How can I help promote ResearchMatch as a registry to study volunteers?

Updating Study Information

The information about my study on the site is inaccurate. How do I correct this?

More questions? Need help?

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties with the site?