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What is ResearchMatch?

ResearchMatch is a nonprofit program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It helps to connect people interested in research studies with researchers from top medical centers across the U.S.

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How does ResearchMatch work?

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ResearchMatch is a free and secure tool that researchers use to invite Volunteers to take part in their health research studies. See our network of 240 research institutions.

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ResearchMatch is making an impact. Here’s what people are saying.

Our Volunteers

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I became disabled in 2008, and I felt pretty lousy about it for several years, like I couldn’t contribute anything anymore. Then I heard about Research Match and joined in 2014. Since then I have completed surveys online and taken part in telephone and Zoom-based research interviews about everything from chronic pain and its relation to romantic relationships to Covid and its impact on my mental health. I have traveled to two universities to help graduate students with their studies. I have even slept under a weighted blanket and worn a fitness watch to see if those blankets help people with chronic pain sleep better. In other words I feel useful! I feel I still make a difference to students and researchers, doctors and patients like me. Thank you, Research Match!
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Julia Jones Marion, Ohio
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As an aspiring physician, I have come to realize that African Americans are underrepresented in many research studies. I decided to join ResearchMatch to do my part and make a difference.
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Joseph White
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I have really enjoyed my work and association with Research Match very much. It has been rewarding for me and stimulating, too. I feel I have made good contributions. I can't say I have had much luck with clinical in-person direct participation research. I have volunteered on several occasions but have not been selected. I feel confident that my data is safely stored by research match so I look forward to more assignments and research opportunities.
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Gary Foster

Our Collaborators

ResearchMatch proudly collaborates with 240 participating institutions and 68 community organizations to bring important research studies, health information, and resources to you.

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