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ResearchMatch is not just one institution, one partner, or one study. We are a nation of many working together to make a change today and in the future. Currently, our network includes 201 institutions and 69 partner organizations. We are growing every day! What does this mean for you?

If you're a volunteer, it means you will have more chances to be a part of studies related to you and your community. As a volunteer on ResearchMatch, study teams search for you instead of the other way around. All you have to do is match with a study!

If you're a researcher, it means you will have access to thousands of volunteers who may match with your studies. Volunteers join every day, so your chances of finding matches increase, and the timeline to discovery gets shorter.

If you're a partner, it means you can help your community connect to research that is vital to their future. Your work with ResearchMatch can help drive community engagement in research and inform researchers on health topics important to your stakeholders.

By joining ResearchMatch, you are taking steps toward improving the research process and inspiring positive changes!